Installing Remine to Your Tablet and Mobile Device

I can’t recommend Remine enough. It’s by far the best home search tool available. And to load it to your tablet and mobile device, you simply follow the following three steps:

  1. Install Remine: Find Remin at your favorite app page – Apple or Android and install it. Once it is installed, open it and at the bottom of the screen and tap the SIGN UP link. Complete the information panel (your phone number is optional) and check the agree to statement and tap NEXT. Enter “funandeasy” (without the quotes) as your referral code and tap NEXT. You’re done!
  2. Confirm Account: Find Remine’s email message and tap Complete Registration to confirm your information.
  3. Complete Profile: Answer a few questions in the Remine app. Call or text me at 813-610-4348 if you need help.

That’s all. You’re in and now can take advantage of the best home search engine on the earth!

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